Gain Control of Your Cloud & Improve Agility

Adaptiv team of expert DevOps and Site Reliability engineers advise customers on how to design and build cloud environments that leverages cloud automation, infrastructure-as-code, cloud-native and advanced features and tooling management to help keep pace with change, enable innovation, and customize a future-forward solution. 

Automate cloud scaling and recovery
Simplify code deployment with containers
Improve the velocity of software delivery
Automate infrastructure-as-code buildout

Enable DevOps Best Practices

We incorporate DevOps engineering best practices & tooling to help you focus on your applications and fuel innovation. Our team combines deep Azure and AWS expertise to help customers migrate and build a foundation for continuous success.

Our experts will build, configure, and manage Kubernetes clusters on Amazon EKS or Azure Kubernetes Service.

Automate code delivery using AWS tools like CodeDeploy and CodePipeline.

Adaptiv experts will build Terraform modules, ARM, or biceps to automate self-service infrastructure-as-code pipelines. 

Implement Azure Pipelines, Azure Artifacts, and more to standup a CI/CD pipeline fast.

Leverage Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Salt, Jenkins, and more to control configuration of cloud resources.

Adaptiv will integrate and other DevOps tools used in your organization.

Key Automation Features

Infrastructure-As-Code Automation

We have developed a catalog of custom, secure infrastructure templates.

CI/CD Pipeline Build & Management

Our team will design an integrated code/infrastructure CI/CD pipeline optimized for your application and deployment methodology

Containers on AWS & Azure

Our team can help evaluate cloud container readiness, design & build container clusters


Automatically generated AMIs that are validated to match customizable hardening requirements

SRE Enablement

Our software driven approach to cloud management incorporates Site Reliability Engineering principles to help standardize configurations, enforce desired state, and streamline deployment

DevSecOps & Security Automation

Leverage our security automation to help protect your critical data & enable continuous compliance

Configuration Management

Our custom scripts optimize your cloud architecture for rapid scaling & instant failover

Instance Manager

Required ISV tools are automatically procured, installed on cloud resources, and health-checked

Managed Services Operations

Adaptiv team of AWS & Azure experts provide the agility, continuity of care, support you need to ensure your team can focus on meeting your core business objectives. 

Adaptiv will provide AWS & Azure expertise, around-the-clock coverage, and proactive services to ensure performance and uptime. Out team incorporates automation tooling, and telemetry to accelerate time to issue identification and resolution, enable security automation, and provide the transparency you need to continuously improve your cloud operations and cost controls. 

  • 24x7x365 Network Operations Center 
  • Incident Management & Remediation 
  • Backups & Patching 
  • Custom Run Books & Alerts 
  • Configure complex configuration management tools and alerts 
  • Customizable monitoring utilizing AWS CloudWatch, Azure Monitor, Datadog, Trend Micro, and New Relic 
  • Proactively scan for best practices, security threats, and anomalies 
  • Policy-as-Code approach to enable compliance and governance 
  • Manage service tickets 
  • Monitor cloud costs in real-time 

Elevate cloud operations support by performing a cloud refresh and assuming 24x7x365 management responsibilities. 

  • Establish visibility and control of cloud operations, resilience, and costs 
  • Elevate standardization and enable greater security and governance 

Evaluate your cloud environment, report on critical security gaps, recommend remediation steps, and re-architect for maximum efficiency. 

  • Well Architected Reviews 
  • Security & Compliance Assessments 
  • Evaluate Cloud ROI & Cost Control Measures 
  • Application Modernization, SaaS Enablement, & DevOps Integration 

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