Transforming Legacy Systems to Drive Innovation & Reduce Technical Debt

Drive Business Innovation 

Build data-driven, action-oriented applications, deliver omnichannel experience across multiple devices. Adaptiv modernize critical legacy applications while reducing the cost to keep them running, allowing you to redeploy resources toward revenue-generating innovation. 

Factors driving Application Innovation

We incorporate DevOps engineering best practices & tooling to help you focus on your applications and fuel innovation. Our team combines deep Azure and AWS expertise to help customers migrate and build a foundation for continuous success.

 How do I divert investment to more productive pursuits of innovation and business expansion? 

How do I build and deploy highly scalable, resilient, and agile applications that fully leverage the capabilities of the cloud? 

How do I manage the growing demand for new features or react to customer preferences shift? 

How do I  get access to instant to accurate and up-to-date information? 

How do I generate revenue through new business Models within Industry? 

Managed Services Operations

Adaptiv team of AWS & Azure experts provide the agility, continuity of care, support you need to ensure your team can focus on meeting your core business objectives. 

Modernize existing applications to extend reach, reduce maintenance costs, and deliver new capabilities  

  • Modernization or Cloud Readiness Assessment 
  • Business Impact Analysis 
  • Cloud Migration Strategy 
  • Application and data assessment 
  • Security and Compliance 
  • Application Migration 
  • Infrastructure Optimization 

Drive innovation, accelerating time to market, and exploring new ways to enhance your customer experience 

Adaptive experts enable elasticity and agility in business applications by leveraging our deep technical expertise to build cloud-native applications that increase scalability, simplify management, and reduce costs utilizing containers, microservices, automation, and DevOps best practices. 

Microservice Consulting: Get end-to-end assistance with developing modern microservices applications that are orchestrated, scalable and efficient to achieve your long-term business goals. 

Microservice Migration: Microservices help in the seamless migration of your monolithic apps and legacy systems to a microservices-based architecture. 

Microservices Integration: Effectively build and manage microservices by seamlessly integrating APIs, enhancing the flexibility and agility of application databases and legacy apps. 

Microservices Support: Elevate the quality of microservices application development and minimize defects through our proactive support and maintenance services.. 

Microservices & DevOps: Microservices seamlessly align with DevOps principles, enabling efficient collaboration among small teams for streamlined implementation. 

Build event driven architecture by leveraging APIs and service mesh implementation to create digital applications 

API Consulting: Assistance in designing, developing, seamless integrations, security and documenting APIs based on specific requirements and best practices. 

API Marketplace: A platform to publish and promote their APIs for external developers and partners to discover, access, and utilize. This fosters collaboration and innovation by enabling the creation of third-party applications and integrations. 

API Orchestration Management: Tools and platforms that enable organizations to manage and control their APIs effectively. This includes features such as API versioning, access control, rate limiting, analytics, and monitoring. 

API Support & Services: Services that provide technical support, transformations, bug fixes, and updates for APIs. This ensures ongoing reliability, performance, and compatibility of APIs as technology evolves. 

API DevOps: Services that support the entire lifecycle of APIs, from design and development to testing, deployment, and versioning. This includes processes and tools for continuous integration, continuous deployment (CI/CD), and version control. 

Migrate your application workloads to containerized applications by leveraging our best practices, tools, and technical expertise.  

Adopting microservices architecture and containerizing applications with kubernetes consulting companies helps enterprises adopt orchestration tool such as AKS and EKS. 

Experienced Kubernetes consultants 

Handle peak business demands by automating scaling of your containerized applications 

Reduce costs and increase efficiency by migrating applications from traditional VMs to Kubernetes cluster 

Avoid vendor lock-in and make the most of open-source technologies 

Successful implementation through experienced solution architects and proven service framework 

Application Orchestration 

Implement solutions to effectively manage and co-ordinate applications across different environments and platforms. Solutions include deployment automation, configuration management, service discovery, workflow and dependency management 

Container Orchestration Solution 

Define a comprehensive containerization strategy aligned with business objectives, ensuring the efficient deployment, scaling, monitoring and overall lifecycle management of containers with orchestration 

Messaging Service Orchestration 

Implement messaging strategy and provide capabilities for seamless communication, event-driven architectures, and integration of various messaging systems. Majorly Messaging brokering, transformation, event driven architecture, pub/sub messaging, message routing, message protocols…. 

API Orchestration 

Implement tools and platforms that enable organizations to manage and control their APIs effectively. This includes features such as API versioning, access control, rate limiting, analytics, and monitoring. 

Cost-efficient, scalable, and agile solutions with simplified development and deployment, well-aligned with microservices, and effective for event-driven workloads, seamlessly integrating with IoT devices, databases, and messaging systems .

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